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Baltic Medical Destinations is your Medical Destination Management Coordinator in Latvia, a country in the Northen Europe.

The team of Baltic Medical Destinations provides a bundle of services and coordination of your trip to receive medical examinations, diagnostics and treatment for affordable price, in secure environment and by professional and highly skilled specialists.

Destination Management Coordinator will take care of planning logistics of the trip from your country to the medical service provider: picking up, travel, accomodation, transfer, selection of medical service provider, legal help, entertainment, shopping, excursions.

Medical services in Latvia mean affordability, availability, safety, bundle services, cooperation, responsibility. Call service for coordination is available on + 371 26110752. Personal assistant will accompany you during your visit in Latvia starting from meeting you at the airport or location of arrival in Latvia.

Doctors and medical support staff of service providers exposing themselves internationally are fluent in English and Russian. International insurance companies offer a variety of reimbursement programs depending on the arrangement.

Country is a member of European Union since the 1st May 2004 and a member of NATO since the 29th March 2004. Currency is EUR. Local language is Latvian. The other most widely used foreign languages are English and Russian.