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5 Factors That Make You Can Have Twins

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Title : 5 Factors That Make You Can Have Twins
link : 5 Factors That Make You Can Have Twins

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5 Factors That Make You Can Have Twins

twins, America - During pregnancy, some women can have twins in their womb. Two fetuses will grow side by side to get nutrition from the mother. At birth, these twins will have some similarities in face, body, and possibly behavior. What are the factors of having twins?

Having twins is something that some people really want. By having two or more immediate babies, a woman does not need to get pregnant twice or more. In addition, not getting pregnant often also reduces the occurrence of vaginal problems and women's safety.,

In general, women can give birth to twins for several reasons. More specifically, here are some factors for having twins:

  1. Family history

Family history is one of the factors of having twins that has the most influence on whether or not a woman can carry twins. This condition can arise if the mother or father has experienced it. For example, from the mother's line there was a sibling who gave birth to twins, your chances of experiencing the same thing will be greater.

A history of twins from the male side will give sperm the opportunity to make more eggs than before. Meanwhile, if it comes from the female side, the possibility of fertilization of more than one egg will be large. If both sides have a history, the chances of getting twins will be much greater.

  1. Body size

Women with a BMI over 30 are more likely to have twins than those with a healthier or smaller BMI. This can happen because fat levels in the body increase estrogen so that it stimulates the ovaries to release more eggs.

The next factor of having twins is the woman's height. Women who are above average height, such as 165 cm and above, are more likely to have twins. This condition is not known by the researchers. However, the problem of greater absorption of nutrients is one of the causes.

  1. Race

Race carries a great deal of genetic material that varies from generation to generation. Race also brings skin color, height, to the opportunity to get bigger twins. Based on the various races that exist in the world, Americans and Africans have more.

That's why so many people in America and Africa give birth to twins. People in Asia are less likely to have twins. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible. Especially if the family history factor is stronger.

  1. Age

The next factor of having twins is age. Women over the age of 30 are more likely to have twins than women in their 20s. This can happen because women at this age have a higher content of the FSH hormone, so the body is likely to produce more eggs.

Every time you ovulate, more eggs will be released, such as more than two. If all the eggs are fertilized, the chances of twins are greater.

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding does make women's fertility decline, but that doesn't mean they can't conceive. In fact, from a study women who breastfeed have an 11 percent chance of having multiple pregnancies, greater than women who don't breastfeed as much as 1.1 percent. If you want twins, maybe you can try it while you're breastfeeding.

Based on several factors of having twins above, which one do you have? Oh, yes, despite having all the factors, the fertilization process in the body cannot be controlled. If you are lucky, the baby may have twins as expected.

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