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Eating Hot Food Causes

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Title : Eating Hot Food Causes
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Eating Hot Food Causes, America - Food that is still hot is usually considered to have a much more delicious taste sensation than food that is already cold. For example, we would certainly prefer meatballs, soto, soup, or even fried foods that are hot, right?

Unexpectedly, the habit of consuming food that is still in hot conditions can actually cause digestive disorders, especially if you are used to consuming it and continue to eat cold drinks such as ice. This will make the food that has entered the stomach more difficult to digest. In many cases, we can even experience stomach ache as a result of this. It is for this reason that it is better for us to wait for food so that the temperature becomes warmer and after consuming it should drink water with a warm or normal temperature so that it will not cause this bad effect.

Consuming food with a temperature that is still hot will also make us vulnerable to the problem of cracked tongue. The heat that comes from the food will make the tongue burn and blister. This will cause a stinging sensation. In fact, it could be that the food taste sensor on the tongue will temporarily lose its function.

The habit of eating hot food will also have a bad impact on dental health. Even though it is one of the strongest and hardest organs in the body, in reality, exposure to hot foods with frequent frequency will be able to damage teeth. For example, the dentin layer will be more easily damaged and this will eventually affect the nerves in the tooth.

With weakened tooth tissue and damaged dental nerves, the risk of developing sensitive teeth increases. If this happens, we will no longer be able to enjoy hot food or cold drinks because it will make the teeth feel sore and uncomfortable.

Seeing this fact, do not immediately eat food that is still really hot. Wait a while so that the temperature becomes more comfortable for our digestion, tongue, and teeth.

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