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Rarely Known Symptoms of Early Stage HIV

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Title : Rarely Known Symptoms of Early Stage HIV
link : Rarely Known Symptoms of Early Stage HIV

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Rarely Known Symptoms of Early Stage HIV, America - HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus ) is the most feared disease because there is no vaccine or drug that can cure it, so recognize the symptoms of HIV for early detection.

Early HIV Symptoms to Watch Out for

This deadly virus will attack the immune system which makes the body lose its ability to fight disease, making the body more susceptible to various diseases.

If the symptoms of HIV are not treated immediately, it can lead to AIDS ( Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ) which is a deadly disease. AIDS arises as a result of the proliferation of the HIV virus in the human body.

The symptoms that appear from HIV can affect a person gradually, once the virus enters the body, the virus will develop rapidly. This virus will attack CD4 lymphocytes (T cells) and destroy white blood cells so that it affects the immune system, each stage of infection will show different symptoms of HIV.

Symptoms of early stage HIV Stadium

If we know the early symptoms of a disease, of course we will be able to handle it well, including HIV. The following are some of the characteristics of early-stage HIV.

  1. The body temperature increases, the patient has a mild fever. This is when the virus begins to enter the bloodstream and duplicate itself.
  1. Pain appears in the joints, the symptoms of HIV are almost similar to the symptoms caused by flu, hepatitis, and syphilis. This pain is caused by the lymph nodes located under the groin, neck and armpits.
  1. The early symptoms of HIV or the early stages that are easily detected are excessive fatigue, weakness caused by a compromised immune system. The virus has begun to disrupt the body's defense system. At this level the patient can experience respiratory failure, namely the cessation of oxygen flow. As a result, the patient becomes short of breath.
  1. Sore throat and headache. Symptoms of HIV disease are indeed often experienced by people with HIV, but it cannot be said that patients who have a sore throat suffer from HIV. Further examination must be carried out to confirm it through laboratory tests.
  1. The appearance of red spots on the skin, generally this red rash appears at the beginning of being infected with HIV. A rash on the skin can be indicated as a symptom of HIV disease if the patient does not have a history of allergies, meaning that the symptoms are purely due to viral infection.
  1. Patients with early-stage HIV disease tend to experience prolonged diarrhea accompanied by nausea and vomiting, such as those with ulcers or food poisoning.
  1. Another early symptom of HIV is pneumonia or pneumonia, the symptoms of which are coughing accompanied by weight loss.
  1. The occurrence of changes in the nails, the nails of people with HIV in the early stages will generally experience thickening and grow curved. In some cases the nails appear blackish in color and there are vertical brown stripes.
  1. The appearance of an infection in the mouth, try to pay attention to the part around the mouth of people with HIV, usually an infection caused by fungus will be seen. Patients have difficulty swallowing due to this oral infection.
  2. Impaired concentration is one of the early symptoms of HIV, sufferers become irritable and sensitive, find it difficult to concentrate and have difficulty in activities.

Common HIV Symptoms Marked by Skin Rashes

In general, the characteristics of HIV on the skin of the patient will experience an HIV rash. It should also be noted that HIV skin rash is a common condition that usually occurs in the first two months. This HIV rash is caused by the body's reaction against the virus.

This HIV skin rash will be very red, have small bumps, and feel very itchy. In patients who have quite dark skin color, this HIV rash will be purplish in color.

The rash itself will appear in several areas, such as the hands, feet, chest, face, and can even develop thrush.

When do HIV symptoms bother you?

You need to know that the characteristics of early-stage HIV are not too disturbing for the sufferer's body. When a person has been infected with the HIV virus, it takes about two to four weeks to see the symptoms.

In this phase, the symptoms of HIV certainly have not interfered with the body. Furthermore, over time the body will feel weak, fever, runny nose, sore throat, and cough. Symptoms of HIV disease will also occur for a long time. Over time also HIV skin rash will appear.

If you experience this and there is even prolonged diarrhea that is quite disturbing, then immediately consult a doctor!

This condition will get worse and make the body weaker over time.

HIV Stages

Depending on the phase of HIV, symptoms can vary.

Stage 1

The first stage of HIV is known as acute or primary HIV infection. This is also called acute retroviral syndrome. During this stage, most people experience flu-like symptoms that may be difficult to distinguish from a gastrointestinal or respiratory infection.

Stage 2

The next phase is the clinical latency stage. The virus becomes less active, although it is still in the body. During this stage, people experience no symptoms while the viral infection progresses at a very low level. This latency period can last a decade or longer. Many people do not show any symptoms of HIV during this 10 year period.

Stage 3

The final phase of HIV is stage 3. During this phase, the immune system is severely damaged and vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Once HIV progresses to stage 3, symptoms of HIV disease associated with infection may become apparent. These symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Gag
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

Symptoms associated with HIV itself, such as cognitive impairment, may also become apparent.

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