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Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

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Title : Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice
link : Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

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Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

benefits of sugarcane juice

Photo Source:, America - We've certainly seen sugarcane juice sellers on the roadside, right? Because it is made from sugarcane juice, the taste of this drink is certainly sweet and refreshing. However, drinks that have a sweet taste are usually considered unhealthy drinks. So, is the drink from sugarcane juice also not good for health?

Sugarcane juice turns out to have a fairly high calorie content. In a glass of sugarcane juice there are about 269 calories or the same as about 100 grams of sugar. This number is certainly very high, right? For those who are still in good health, consumption of sugarcane juice should be limited to one glass per day. However, for those who are obese, pre-diabetic, or even have diabetes, they should avoid this drink even though it can provide a fresh and delicious sensation.

The sugarcane juice contains policosanol. These chemical compounds can actually give bad health effects, although the effects are usually not so severe. It's just that, if we consume it in large enough quantities, then the risk for getting headaches or even insomnia will increase. In addition, the content of policosanol is also feared to cause the appearance of blood clots which of course will trigger blood circulation disorders.

If we look closely, the process of processing sugar cane juice is often unhygienic. Try checking the equipment used to squeeze sugar cane. Sometimes, this tool looks unclean, right?

It is feared that the sugarcane juice that we consume is filled with germs, bacteria, or dirt which of course can cause infections in the digestive tract which of course will cause stomach pain or other impacts. For this reason, be sure to choose a seller of sugarcane juice that has been confirmed to be hygienic so as not to experience these health effects.

In some cases, the content in sugarcane juice turns out to be toxic. If this drink is stored for a long time and then oxidized, then this drink can cause digestive disorders, especially for the stomach organ.

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