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Dehydration Causes Stomach Cramps ?

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Title : Dehydration Causes Stomach Cramps ?
link : Dehydration Causes Stomach Cramps ?

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Dehydration Causes Stomach Cramps ?

Dehydration Causes Stomach Cramps, America - Apart from causing thirst, dehydration or lack of drinking water can also cause other symptoms, namely stomach cramps. It is for this reason that many athletes experience cramping in their stomachs and no longer continue their activities when they start to lose fluids. Actually, how can this condition of dehydration affect the possibility of stomach cramps?

Abdominal cramps are conditions when the abdominal muscles experience sudden contractions that cannot be controlled by the body. Although generally harmless, stomach cramps can cause painful sensations that will certainly make us unable to carry out normal activities. There are many causes for this, be it hot weather, to doing sports or strenuous work. In addition, the consumption of certain drugs and certain health problems can also be a trigger.

Especially for dehydration, health expert John Higgins, MD from the University of Texas said this condition can indeed cause abdominal muscle cramps. However, the effect is actually not that great. This condition is more often triggered by hot air temperatures or physical activity that is too hard. If during these conditions we also drink less, stomach cramps will appear.

When doing strenuous physical activity, the body temperature will increase and the muscles will also work harder. Without fluids that lubricate or cool the body and decreased levels of potassium and sodium, the muscles will immediately experience cramps. The interesting thing is that sometimes this condition also occurs when the weather is not hot or cool enough. Usually, this is when the role of dehydration in causing stomach cramps is quite large.

It is for this reason that health experts advise us not to force ourselves to exercise or work very hard. If indeed the body has asked to rest or feel thirsty, immediately take a break to drink or just rest the body.

Luckily, stomach cramps turned out to be a mild health condition and would heal by itself. This means, we do not need to worry too much about it.

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