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5 Effects For Female Active Smokers

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Title : 5 Effects For Female Active Smokers
link : 5 Effects For Female Active Smokers

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5 Effects For Female Active Smokers

5 effects for female smokers, America - So far, cigarettes have always been synonymous with men and associated with masculinity. However, cigarette connoisseurs also come from women. They smoke actively and sometimes get addicted so that in one day they can finish more than one pack and repeat it over and over again.

Smoking does have a bad effect on men and women. However, more specifically, smoking also affects many aspects of women's lives, from overall body health to the health of very important sexual and reproductive organs. Here are some of the risks that will befall active smokers.

1. Disrupt the menstrual cycle

Active smoking in women leads to increased absorption of toxins by the body. When toxins such as nicotine enter a woman's body, thyroid hormone metabolism will be disrupted. As a result, the balance of hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, LH, and FSH does not run smoothly. As a result, the menstrual cycle is disrupted.

Furthermore, cigarettes that contain these harmful substances also cause the size of the follicles in the ovaries to shrink. This condition causes the ovaries can not be produced so that the chances of ovulation to continue in the shedding of the endometrium will be difficult to occur normally.

2. Decreased fertility

Smoking also causes interference with the fallopian tubes. This channel has a kind of small hairs that will help the egg cell to move until it finally meets the sperm. After fertilization occurs, the fallopian tube will push the embryo up to the uterus to attach.

When the nicotine content in the body increases. The possibility of interference will be very large, the fallopian tubes will not function optimally so that the possibility of fertilization and fetal development will be very low. This condition also causes an ectopic pregnancy because the implantation of the fetus takes place in the fallopian tube.

3. Increased risk of cancer and heart attack

Similar to men, women who actively smoke are also at risk of developing cancer which is very dangerous for the body. This increase occurs because nicotine and toxins in the body trigger the emergence of carcinogenic cells in the body. Plus women also have large amounts of estrogen which also triggers cancer.

Some cancers that can appear in women are types of breast and cervical cancer if exposed to HPV. One way to reduce this risk is to stop smoking actively and avoid smokers because the effects remain the same.

4. Accelerate premature aging

Toxins that enter the body cause a woman's skin and other organs in the facial area to age quickly. So, don't be too surprised if women who are active smokers often have faces with many wrinkles even though they are still very young and their bodies do not have other disorders.

For women who are very concerned about their appearance, smoking will make them unable to perform optimally. Sometimes with the help of make-up will not help, the only way to restore healthy skin is to stop smoking completely.

5. Disturbing the unborn fetus

If you are trying to have a baby, smoking is the first thing to avoid. Even if you later can get a pregnancy, the chances of the fetus experiencing interference will be great. Therefore, stop smoking cigarettes or the fetus can miscarry or have a fairly high chance of being born prematurely.

By looking at some of the impacts above, we can conclude that smoking is very bad for women, both active and passive. Therefore stay away from cigarettes as much as possible so that the body is always healthy.

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