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9 Benefits of Areca nut, Increase Appetite

9 Benefits of Areca nut, Increase Appetite - Hello Bro and Sis All About Healty, In the article you are reading this time with the title 9 Benefits of Areca nut, Increase Appetite, We have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. hopefully the contents of the post Article Health Information, what we write you can understand. Alright, happy reading.

Title : 9 Benefits of Areca nut, Increase Appetite
link : 9 Benefits of Areca nut, Increase Appetite

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9 Benefits of Areca nut, Increase Appetite

Benefits of Areca nut, America - Of course, you are already familiar with betel nuts. However, although betel nut is very easy to find, many people do not know that this plant belonging to the Arecaceae family can be consumed and has benefits for the body. It turns out that this is the benefit of young and old areca nut that not much is known about!

Benefits of Areca nut

Areca nut trees are often found on the side of the road or on the road divider. This tree that has a shape resembling a coconut tree turns out to have many benefits for the body. Here are the benefits of betel nut for the body that you should not miss!

1. Increase appetite

The first benefit of betel nut is to increase appetite. Appetite disorders certainly should not be taken lightly because it will make a person's nutritional needs are not met and trigger other more serious body disorders. Consumption of areca nut regularly is believed to stimulate a person's appetite.

2. Treat digestive disorders

The next benefit of betel nut is to treat digestive disorders. Areca nut is believed to help to overcome constipation or difficulty defecating. In addition, this fruit is also good for maintaining the large intestine and small intestine. Areca nut is also often used as an ingredient to treat diarrhea because it has the ability to remove toxins in the body.

3. Overcoming intestinal worms

The benefits of betel nut are still related to digestion. Areca nut is also believed to treat intestinal worms. Worms are often experienced by children, but not infrequently adults are also affected by worms. The presence of worms in the digestive tract can interfere with the digestive system and inhibit the absorption of nutrients for the body.

4. Stop the bleeding

The next benefit for betel nut is to stop bleeding. Areca nut is believed to be merciful to stop bleeding that occurs due to wounds on the skin to overcome nosebleeds. Areca nut can be drunk boiled water or crushed and applied directly to the injured skin.

5. Protect teeth

The next benefit of young areca nut is to prevent teeth from decay. A study proves that areca nut has antimicrobial activity that can prevent the activity of bacteria that cause cavities. Areca nut can also make the gums and teeth stronger.

6. Overcoming bad breath

In addition to protecting teeth, areca nut can also treat bad breath. Just like the problem of cavities, bad breath is also caused by the activity of bacteria in the mouth. Using betel nut as a mouthwash can maintain overall oral and dental health.

7. Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma is a variety of eye conditions that can lead to blindness. Areca nut is believed to help treat glaucoma. This is because betel nut is believed to stimulate the central nervous system. Areca nut also has benefits for treating eye blindness caused by various causes.

8. Increase male sexual arousal

One of the most famous benefits of young areca nut is that it can increase sexual arousal, especially in men. The benefits of this areca nut are believed to be obtained from the active alkaloid content in areca nut in the form of arekoline compounds.

Men who consume boiled water or betel nut directly are believed to increase their stamina. Some sources even state that areca nut can also overcome sexual dysfunction in men.

9. Good for skin health

Areca nut is also believed to be a fruit that is good for the skin. Areca nut can overcome various skin problems such as acne and oily skin. Skin care using areca nut is also believed to prevent premature aging or even disguise the signs of aging that have already appeared.

How to Consume Areca nut

Both young and old betel nuts are believed to have health benefits. Areca nut can also be consumed in various ways. Areca nut can be consumed directly, boiled and drunk the boiled water, and there are also areca nut that has been extracted and is available in the form of herbal medicine. Areca nut that is consumed directly can also be eaten raw or cooked by roasting or in the talent.

The benefits of betel nut for health are indeed very many, but some of these benefits do not yet have scientific evidence. Therefore, consume areca nut carefully and not excessively. If there are side effects from using areca nut such as allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, or other side effects, immediately stop using areca nut and consult a doctor.

If you are taking other medications, you should also consult your doctor before using areca nut. The use of areca nut as an herbal remedy can affect the work of the drugs you are currently using or even increase the side effects of both. Good luck and I hope this information is useful!

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