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What is HIPAA?

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Title : What is HIPAA?
link : What is HIPAA?

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What is HIPAA?

 What is HIPAA?

What is HIPAA?

Then go to the doctor on the signed page to make sure the doctor's office has notified you of HIPAA compliance. In most cases, you can quickly read or swipe the release form before signing. However, HIPAA is important and in effect to protect you from personal information theft, denial of care, and/or health insurance.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Interoperability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA has created a new national standard for the protection of health information. Your health information keeps track of you when you see another doctor or go to another hospital. HIPAA determines that health information needs reasonable protection when transmitted through these various channels. As more and more transactions are conducted electronically today, HIPAA places special emphasis on protecting health information through these channels.

So what does HIPAA protect? HIPAA protects personal health information such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses. Your current, past or future physical and/or mental condition or your treatment. This information may only be disclosed for specific purposes. Information not covered by HIPAA must be non-personal information. By protecting this type of information, there are many safeguards against theft of personal information, and there are more possibilities if that happens.

HIPAA also protects how health insurance companies use your health information. These organizations may use your information without your permission only to send you information, provide you with the best treatment or medical care, or collect payments for your medical bills. If disclosure of your medical information does not apply to these situations, you must consent to the transfer of information in writing. Also, all releases must be written in plain language, as the government recognizes that high-tech language can be a barrier to understanding the right to privacy of your health information..

This may all seem like unnecessary paperwork, but in addition to stealing personal information, HIPAA also helps anyone looking for health insurance. HIPAA Title 1 oversees the availability and coverage of health insurance plans for people who are not in good health. Health insurance plans prohibit creating discriminatory rules for establishing premium rates or denying coverage. HIPAA is very broad, but it provides insights into how health information is protected and used. You can get more information from the Department of Health or search the government website for the full HIPAA law.

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